Cairn near the Beinn Bhuidhe wind turbine

Under this general and very broad heading are included structures which are clearly burial cairns, such as the one to the east of Mingary Castle, through to kerb cairns and hut circles. Many of them, such as the circle to the west of the Beinn nan Losgann forestry, are difficult to identify precisely even by trained archaeologists, while others, such as the hut circle at Eilagadale, are much easier.

509633 Erikson’s Cairnhere. This is a cist cairn in a good state of preservation, with central cist, small passage grave, and kerb stones –

520654 Stone Circle by the Beinn  nan Losgann forestry – here. This has been identified both as a burial cairn and the footings of a hut circle.

509649 Stone Circle to the west of the Caim cattle sheds – here. This is very similar to the Beinn nan Losgann structure, but slightly smaller, and is easily accessible from the road.

564632 Cairn near Beinn Bhuidhe wind turbine – here. This is probably a kerb cairn and is in a good state of preservation.

573715 Hut Circle to west of Eilagadale – here. This is a superbly preserved example of what is clearly a hut circle, unfortunately very overgrown with bracken in the summer.

555638 Hut Circle on scarp above Camas nan Geall – here.

522634 Structure to the southwest of Beinn na h-Urchrach – here.